Today is my 39th birthday. Happy Birthday to me, nearly-gosh-darn-40! Yes, it bothers me in the sense that it does most women: wrinkles, not so hot. But I'm really less concerned about losing my youth than I am about gaining my old age. And having some fun along the way :) because, like my own mom says, "I'm still 26 in my head."






I figure diabetes presents you with the fight-or-flight option. A woman I met recently has a brother with Type 2 diabetes who's now undergoing dialysis for kidney failure -— following an extend period of poor care. This man is in his mid-40's (!) I do not want this to happen to me!! I choose FIGHT, all the way!


So when I feel guilty about going to the gym regularly instead of spending extra time with my kids, I think: I'm doing this for the future. For their future. So their mom is someone who travels with them, attends their events, and eventually helps them with their own kids -— instead of someone they visit in the hospital, or someone they remember.

And when I'm at the gym doing hamstring curls to "Joy to the World" at 8:30am on a Saturday (great way to lower BG levels), I try not to think of it as punishment, but rather as my own little version of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Afterwards, I can go home and play legos, and dance to Goofy on "The Disney Playhouse" with the kids. Acting old is a choice I won't make.

I still shop at Victoria's Secret. Because people on lots of prescription drugs can be sexy, too, right? RIGHT?


For my birthday, I get to go out for a special dinner with the love of my life (!), whom I have had the luck and honor to be married to for the last 14 years. Instead of a birthday wish, I'll be making a three-part resolution: Stay healthy. Stay healthy. Stay healthy! And many happy returns. Birthdays are great. Think of the alternative...




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