What's cool for this hot summer with the 'betes:

Diet_pops * Diet Soda Popsicles! My kids actually noticed these on the promotional pull-out from their box of sugary pops. So cool! Do you love Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Orange Crush, and/or Diet A&W Root Beer? Well, enjoy them in an ice-cold popsicle now, from the original Popsicle people, Good Humor-Breyers.

* Vial Vase Need a place to keep those insulin vials cold in the fridgeVialvase without losing them amongst the veggies and yogurt cartons? Try this nifty little storage unit from 30-year diabetes veteran and inventor J. Michael Langham in Illinois.

* Type2Tracker software Get organized with the updated version of this comprehensive tracking software. Log your food, exercise, meds, care team info, and even your thoughts and feelings. You can easily graph and print BG results and much more.

* Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference - has just concluded in Orlando, FL, so too late to attend this year, but you can read all about it on their site. A full report of the happenings is due out next week. This was the 7th annual CWD family conference, bringing together thousands of D-kids with their families, along with world-renowned clinicians, researchers, physicians, educators and other stakeholders for a weekend of learning and bonding. Check out their great line-up of inspirational special guests. Kudos to Jeff Hitchcock of CWD for creating this excellent event.

Readerpic * The Kurzweil-NFB Reader - a new hybrid state-of-the-art digital camera and personal data assistant that enables the blind and those who have difficulty seeing to take pictures of and read most printed materials at the click of a button. According to material from the National Federation of the Blind (NFB), "Users merely hold the portable "camera that talks" over printed materials -- letters, bills, restaurant menus, airline tickets, business cards, office memos -- and in seconds they hear the contents of the printed documents played back in clear synthetic speech." The price wasn't posted, so I'm guessing it's not cheap. But talk about a life-changer...

Now stop reading blogs, and go swimming or something, will ya?!

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