I know I shouldn't do this to you, but we're adding some chocolate to the menu! When Kathy Moskal of VerÄ“ Goods (pronounced "very") came forward with the offer to donate some heavenly dark chocolate as additional prizes for the DiabetesMineâ„¢ Holiday Survival Sweepstakes I just couldn't resist. Hey, I've tried this stuff and it is off the charts.  So now it's your turn. In addition to nearly 50 other amazing prizes, we'll be giving away eight fabulous chocolate gift packs from VerÄ“: 5 "diabetic-friendly"* gift packs, including 5 bars each in a variety of flavors (pure dark, mint, vanilla bean, spicy, and citrus), retail value $30.00 per set 3 "luscious + diabetic friendly" packs, including the 5 bars mentioned above, plus one box each of walnut clusters and chocolate walnut brownies, retail value $50.00 per set Yum! *Of course we need to clarify "diabetic-friendly": the bars are all low-sugar and gluten-free, and contain per bar approx: 13 grams carb, of which 5g is sugar, and 4 grams of fiber. (Nutrition info is posted in graphic form on the company's site)  Those numbers ain't too bad for goodies. Plus it's DARK chocolate, the kind with those great health benefits. Now that I've got you all distracted with the chocolate, would this be a good time to remind you that this contest is not just about the goodies? As Allison so eloquently puts it: "For those of us with diabetes, the holidays are a non-stop carb fest from the fourth week of November until well after the New Year's (What? You think the candy and cookies just poof into thin air on January 1?). Blood sugars bounce off the walls with the constant influx of chocolates, cookies, carb-filled mashed potatoes, stuffing and my personal favorite: candied yams and marshmallows. Control? What control? But the diabetes community is coming to the rescue!..." This is a chance to swap our in-the-trenches experiences and help each other along through the holiday minefield.  I'm looking forward to compiling all these "best practices" into a little volume we can all share! So, onward to REMINDERS: Contest topic this week: Handling Those Pesky Holiday Parties! How do you keep from "losing it" with the buffet table calling your name and the drinks flowing?  Please add your submissions to the comments section in the original post (or here if you must). We have more than 60 great responses so far. This week there will be no less than 9 winners! And in the next weeks, even more. ** This week's round will be closed for submissions at midnight Pacific time on Sunday Nov. 23.** So get your PWD party hat on and let us know how you do it!  Cheers.

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