Who among us can remember the days before our diabetes diagnosis?  Back when we were "normal" -- meaning we could eat and do as we pleased without a single thought involving glucose, carbohydrates, medications, or complications?

Emotion_3Nowadays we carry our meds and our monitoring devices.  We look at food as a math equation.  We have good days and bad days -- temperate days, and days where we're riding the Glucose Roller Coaster, which always makes one cranky, to say the least.  We think a lot about improving our A1c results. 

And all the while, the emotional roulette wheel keeps a'spinning.  We never know just where it's going to land. 

At least that's how I see it.  Does any of this strike a chord?  Read my October dLife column and let me know.    

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News nuggets from around the diabetes community

American Diabetes Association Names New CEO
Non-profit leader Kevin L. Hagan named as new chief exec of national diabetes org after six-month search.
FDA Approves New Basal Insulin
Sanofi's Troujeo has 'flatter profile' of action that helps to avoid lows.
Daytona Win for Racecar Driver with Diabetes!
Type 1 driver Ryan Reed wins first NASCAR series race at Daytona on Feb. 21.

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