A lot of people write to me explaining how they sometimes feel so blindingly angry about having diabetes. They're just pissed off, and I can't blame them. Living with this thing is inconvenient and aggravating, to say the very least.

So I spent some time recently taking stock of what helps me the most when I just get down and out. There are lots small things that help the diabetes seem less daunting, and if you add them up, the sum can be greater than the parts -- if only you're willing to take a "glass half-full" look at your life. Glasswaterlime

Check out this month's Straight Up column over at dLife for my personal list of 9 Things that Help the Most. This includes everything from my favorite BG testing devices to carb counting aids to where to find a good laugh (required).

I noticed there's a new meme going around about "Five Things You Won't Find in a Book." I'd wager to say you won't any of my "9 favorite little diabetes helpers" in any book either (not even ours).

Really: we all know that the best D-advice we ever got wasn't from some book or institution, but mainly from each other. So have a look my column, and take a minute to jot down a half-dozen things that help YOU when you're diabetes is really getting to you. I'd love to see us all share some great lists.

btw, the one thing I forgot to mention was the magical power of music to energize and soothe. Somewhere in the back annals of my iPod I just rediscovered Freddie Mercury's Miracle and These Are the Days of Our Lives, and Beth Hirsch's You Make It Easy, for example.

Those help. And you won't find that in a book.

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