Today we're marking another annual holiday commemorating famed Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, who back in the day (523 years ago!) voyaged across the Atlantic Ocean to explore the globe and ultimately stumbled across and helped establish a New World that would eventually become the United States.

Yep, you talk "discovery" and Columbus comes straight to mind -- even if he didn't mean to find what he did.Explore

As it stands, while it's called Columbus Day here in the States, some other places around the world know this as Discovery Day -- and some folks even want to rename it Exploration Day.

In our diabetes world, we're all about exploration and discovery. They're the name of the game in medicine and research, especially in that ever-elusive task of trying to find the key to unlocking a cure. Just like Columbus, researchers may not know exactly what they're looking for, but they often end up stumbling across the next big breakthrough in medicine and D-treatment.

Today we toast Dr. Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin by mistake on Halloween back in 1920, and all the many other researchers past and present, who spend their lives devoted to exploration in diabetes.

With that, we have a little game of "What If?" to share:

What if Columbus were a PWD (person with diabetes), who set out in search of better D-tools? Come on, you know that (now controversial) poem and song, "In 1492, Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue..."  Enjoy!


In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety Two

Columbus sailed the Ocean (musta-been-Friday Circle of) Blue!

Columbus Day diabetes

He left his homeland far behind,

in hopes of diabetes help to find.

He had 3 strips and checked in vain,

He tested in sun, wind and rain.

He sailed by night; he sailed by day,

With just fingersticks to find his way.

A CGM would have helped him know,

the immediate best way to go.

Ninety sailors were on board;

PWDs all? Oh, my Lord.

 Sometimes their meters went to sleep;

But mostly they continued to peep.

Day after day the crew strived to be steady;

For new tools and treatments they were ready.

October 12, it appeared the dream came true.

You never saw a happier D-Crew!


"New devices, Apps!" Columbus cried;

A hypo now surely could not hide.


Though "cure" these tools were not,

they really helped an awful lot.

A growing D-Tribe seemed all about,

You’d think these millions would have some clout...


Columbus sailed on in search of more,

to make life with diabetes less of a chore.

He explored, traveled and changed history,

Just like e-Patients, in this great Diabetes Commun-ity!

Here's to Columbus Day here in the United States of America, or Discovery Day as it is perhaps better called. We tip our hats to those making discoveries in diabetes everyday, planned or not.


Happy Columbus Day

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