Here we are at the end of another July, and the heat's been on this past month! Not only in the outsi#DOC Roundup Julyde temps across much of the States, but also here in the Diabetes Online Community (DOC)...

Yes, there have been many "hot" topics afoot -- from big D-conferences to hot-button issues that have raised our blood sugars tempers and emotions. At the same time, we've seen some great inspirational and personal blogs that helped us cool off.

Here's a roundup of what caught our eye this month, in no particular order (and we debute our new DOC icons today, too!):


DOC RoundupFirst, it was a pretty historic month in that July 21 marks the anniversary of the discovery of insulin on that date in 1921, by Drs. Frederick Banting and Charles Best. Our diabetes blogging friend Kelly Kunik at diabetesaliciousness shares some thought on that indispensable diabetes milestone.


DOC RoundupMany folks in our D-Community headed off to Disney World in Florida this month foCWD FFL Conference Disney World 2015r the popular Friends For Life conference, held every year since 1999 by the Children With Diabetes organization. We covered the news of the conference ourselves, and have also seen a wave of posts on that event -- including this one by Renza at Diabetogenic, another post by D-Mom Joanne at Death of a Pancreas, and one at our latest new blog find called A Life of Sparkles and Sugar (love the name, btw!)


DOC RoundupJust a couple of days before FFL, the second diabetes advocacy MasterLab event was held in Orlando at the same convention center. The Diabetes Hands Foundation hit it out of the ballpark again (as we reported on the event here), and some other D-blog reports that have crossed our radar about this "school for improving advocacy" include Kristen's at Mischievous Kristen, and Naomi's at Diabetic Diva. As it turns out, both happen to be affiliated with Medtronic (Kristen attended on their scholarship and Naomi works for the company), but they're people with diabetes first and we love hearing what they thought!


DOC RoundupAnother MasterLab-related post that stands out recognizes a need in our D-Community to address a topic that's tough to talk about and often swept under the rug. We have to raise our hats to Sharon, who is raising her voice about Divorced D-Parents and the challenges familes face (see also, hashtags #DivorcedDOC & #DivorcedDiabetes).


DOC RoundupAlso talking about difficult issues is Christel at The Perfect D blog, who penned this incredibly personal and heartfelt post "Cursing The Darkness" after some backlash from our D-Community about the work she does. We also took note of this post written by our friend Kerri Sparling at Six Until Me, introducing the Diabetes Man Cave that looks to be written by a longtime type 1 gent who is sharing some personal aspects of his life that aren't easy to admit. Kudos to both for braving these tricky discussions, and we hope to see the conversation continue.


DOC RoundupBlue CandlesThere's also some very sad news this month: Our Diabetes Community lost two children, little Kycie and David. Beloved D-Mom Meri Schumacher wrote a heart-warming and tear-jerking Dear Kycie letter at Our Diabetic Life, and there were others from D-Dad Tom Karlya and  Hannah at Dorkabetic. We light a blue candle in honor of these little souls, and do what we can to make sure this doesn't ever happen again.


DOC RoundupAre we shaming our own in the Diabetes Community? That's a topic that has brought on a lot of discussion over the year, and this past month in particular. Sara Nicastro at Moments of Wonderful points out that we have a lot of work to raising public awareness, while longtime type 1 blogger Scott Strange writes in this special post on Diabetes Daily that we still have much to improve internally, within our own community.


DOC Roundup My Recent Apology After An Epic High BG Blow-Up? This great title just makes you want to read more, doesn't it? Well, Amber Clour at Diabetes Daily Grind is waving the "I'm Sorry" flag, so go find out what that's all about...


DOC RoundupEver go Low while shopping? Yep, many of us have been there and done that -- including our DOC friend Scott Johnson, who experienced a "shopping hypo" recently and has some texting with his wife to prove it.



DOC Roundup10 Insane (But True) Things About Diabetes... that's the title of a post by Karen Graffeo at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes-- another one that grabs you by the headline, doesn't it? We hear you on #7, Karen, and we totally need a joint diabetes vacation if there ever was one! Oh, and Karen follows it up with 10 Insanely Good (And True) Things About Diabetes for the happy side of the coin, too!


DOC RoundupWe learned about this new blog called My Type 1 Diabetes, written by Kerri (hello to a new D-peep with a familiar name!) who describes herself as a two-decade diabetic and 10-year blogger who's never before now ventured into the diabetes blogosphere! We are so happy to see more new stories being shared online by PWDs who need the support. Make sure to stop by and welcome Kerri in comments, of course!

DOC RoundupOur friend Mike Durbin has been living with type 2 for years now, and -- can you believe? -- just recently had his first-ever visit with an endocrinologist. Take a look at this post over at My Diabetic Heart to hear how it went, and give Mike some D-love, too!


DOC RoundupIf you think you know what love is, try reading this great post at Diabetic Ink about a fun text this D-peep received from his wife recently. Nice... THAT certainly is diabetes love!



Thanks to all for great works this month! Naturally, we can't wait to see what the DOC has in store for August, so please let us know if any particular D-blogs catch your eye! Just drop a comment below, on our social media channels at @DiabetesMine or Facebook, or email us your thoughts.

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