Kerri's list of diabetes moving fun got me thinking: I haven't updated you all on the renovation scene and hotel life yet.  So here's my take.

You know you're diabetic and moving out for a home remodel when:

  • Clearing out your bedroom for construction makes you realize you own more boxes full of medical wipes, test strip vials, expired prescription meds, insulin pump supplies, and various diabetic carry cases than anything else (with the exception of shoes, of course)
  • You take up a whole entire drawer in the hotel suite for "Diabetes Supplies" and defend this territory sharply — did I mention a total of 8 drawers available for a family of 5?!
  • You pack that little hotel fridge with both diet AND sugary drinks, and you don't want anyone else to touch either!
  • You about have a conniption fit when you realize you can't access Wordpress from the PC in the hotel room, so no way to get "inside" your diabetes world (snafu still being worked out)
  • While ordering new countertops, you constantly squint your eyes, and try to envision: how will this work for BG testing?
  • The electrician keeps talking about "testing units," too, and it makes you all jumpy
  • You spend countless hours daydreaming about what kind of sconce light in the Master Bath would make night-time BG testing easier and more pleasant
  • You spend equal amounts of time scouring the internet for a wall-mounted sharps container that isn't hospital-issue red plastic. Don't they come in brushed nickel or something?
  • Carpet colors are hard to choose: too light gets too dirty, and "rogue test strips" are hard to spot. But darker is depressing, and makes rogue test strips more embarrassing in front of company
  • Planning your spacious new walk-in closet is all about that great new corner that's going in for "D-Supplies" (the Closet Factory folks are stumped)
  • You know which copy of the architect's renderings are yours because of the small blood stains on the edge
  • And: You drive up to the house almost every day not so much to check on building progress, but because you're paranoid that your latest package of insulin might get dumped there instead of being forwarded to interim living quarters

Diabetes + Home Renovation + Moving = so much fun. I hear you, Kerri!

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