I discovered DexCom when I attended the annual ADA conference back in June. They were displaying their exciting new tubeless conitinuous monitor (CGMS) product under a glass bubble, so you could look but not touch (no kidding!); since it is not yet FDA approved, the company is not allowed to actually let the public touch and feel the thing -- display mode only!

The company is actually developing two promising products:

Dexcom2* a short-term continuous monitor (3-day wear) that consists of an insertable pod-like sensor that transmits glucose readings wirelessly to a handheld receiver

* an implantable long-term continuous monitor that does essentially the same thing, but can be worn for up to one full year!

The sensor worn on the body for both looks wonderfully teeny, and the external receiver appears to be about the size and shape of the handy FreeStyle Flash meter. What's more, "with the push of a button, the receiver displays the patient's current blood glucose value, as well as one-hour, three-hour and nine-hour trends." Don't you just WANT ONE?!

Despite the "wow-factor" of this technology, the company has had a rocky start. It was hit with some initial bad press and even a lawsuit by Abbott (makers of the FreeStyle monitor -- mind the resemblance), which DexCom vigorously contested.

The good news is that according to diabetes consultancy CloseConcerns, the company is now gathering steam both in terms of investment and progress toward FDA approval.

Analyst Kelly Close writes: "All in all, looks to be very strong momentum and we would expect an approval in the not too distant future. Reimbursement (from insurance providers) will be the next hurdle and we would imagine all the players would benefit from Medtronic's investments on this front."

This alludes to Medtronic's efforts invested in securing healthcare coverage for CGMS systems on the whole, of course, since Medtronic is a staunch competitor. Stay tuned...

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