A few days ago my inbox revealed yet another unexpected gem: a personal note from Oakland2002_football_rykert_1024_1 Raiders player Dustin Rykert, writing to correct me on my coverage of his experience being tattooed with diabetes. (Rykert made headlines with a medical symbol tattoo on his chest in 2003).

Dustin writes to clear the false impression that he may have had the assistance of a full training staff while obtaining and healing from his tattoo(s):

"Just to set the record straight I got my tattoo in the off season and I had no help from any trainers of any sort. And I have got 2 others since then and have had no problem with any of my tattoos. Thanks for your attention to my creative way of taking precaution for my health, but please do not speak on matters when you don't have all the facts..."

Ooch. Too right. My quick reply was this:

"Apologies if I misrepresented your tattoo experience; what I actually meant was that as a pro athlete, you have more immediate access to top-notch health professionals than most of us 'laymen folks' do. But it's great to hear that the tattoo didn't cause you any trouble either way."

What a kick to know that Dustin's even discovered the diabetes OC! And the Happy Ending was his closing statement to me:

"Hope your web site is still doing well, and let me know if you want some help on seeing inside the life of an athlete living with diabetes."

I most certainly would, wouldn't you?! I do hope we manage to schedule that interview, because despite knowing precious little about pro football, I most certainly recognize that pushing the physical limits that players do while also managing Type 1 diabetes is nothing short of heroic. Geez, most of us can barely manage our regular lives with diabetes, ya know?

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