Anyone who counts carbs is familiar with the unit of measurement called "grams."  But can you recognize a "gram of carb" or "gram of sugar" really? When it's hidden somewhere deep in the food we're currently consuming? Well, as it happens, a reader forwarded a creative take on visualizing just how much punch is packed in the food we eat (brace yourself!)

Although we can't verify the scientific validity of these photos, I reckon they're meant to represent the grams of pure sugar rather than carbohydrates. Of course, we D-folks know that both raise your BG, so clearly this wasn't created by a PWD.

Just keep this in mind when you see kids walking around guzzling regular soda, or munching on candy bars that masquerade as "snacks":

Each sugar cube is approximately 4.1 grams of sugar...

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And watch how much better it gets now...

Still, doesn't this just make you want to go brush your teeth?! Yuck... the mental imagery here is enough to kill my carb cravings for a while, anyway.  Hey — that may be a good thing. Maybe every once in a while, we should force ourselves to "get cubed"!

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