The editors over at Medgadget and others have been quite upset over the newly launched BlogBurst service (an opt-in syndicator that offers blog content to newspapers) along with many "aggregators" that reprint people's blog posts without express permission. Frankly, I've been on the fence about the issue myself, believing that as long as there is CLEAR ATTRIBUTION and a LINK BACK to the original blog, maybe it is just another Google-type service to help readers find stuff they're interested in.

But now this: I've just discovered that a site called "Drugs & Pills" is STEALING MY CONTENT IN FULL WITH NO ATTRIBUTION! (I've removed the link, to cut off providing them additional traffic). This is a complete outrage! I see at least 16 of my original posts with no mention of or my name. I can only assume that the other posts there are stolen as well. Piss!! There's no contact information posted at that site, so I have no way to protest!

This problem is apparently becoming pandemic, because the Boston Globe did a story on online plagiarism just a few days ago. They recommend a site called Plagiarism Today. I'm checking it out now.

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