I am in total agreement with Violet over at Pumplandia that the influx of negative diabetes news gets you DOWN. That's why I'm trying to make this blog an upbeat place. I did say "encouragement" in the header for a reason :)

You know what? I kind of had my blinders on before I started this blog: I figured all I needed to know was how to use the equipment they gave me, and screw everything else! But being ultra-conscientious (OK, a bit of a control freak), I couldn't shake the nagging feeling that it IS important to have an idea what's going on in the Diabetes World. And for me, coming out this way has been part of getting over the denial that I am, in actual fact, diabetic.

Once I started paying attention: owie! Like when I signed up for the ADA Diabetes E-News Now! newsletter, the first three email notices came bearing bad-news-bomb headlines: "Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Midlife Linked to Risk of Dementia," "Diabetes Triples Risk of Liver Cancer," and "Diabetes Crisis Looms." And then of course, the myriad of negative headlines everywhere about Diabetes AND: gum disease, severe obesity, depression, kidney damage, eye deterioration, caffeine consumption, stress, smoking, sleep apnea ... you name it! Now isn't that rosy?

Yes, lots of this is important medical info, but I'm working so hard to stay in good control —- pleeeaaase tell me something happy for once! The ADA newsletter, for one, does have lots of good articles. But man, those subject headers get me down. I feel like DELETING most the moment I see them.

What was it about laughter being the best medicine? WebMD reported recently that "Laughter May Build Healthy Blood Vessels." Researchers found actual proof that watching funny movies has a healthy effect on blood vessel function. Now that is news I can use!

In all honesty, I do think the single most important thing we can do for ourselves as diabetics is to remain upbeat (check out the "Glucose Goddess," for example). Sure, we have a lot to be bummed about, but we also have a lot to be thankful for. It hasn't escaped me that even though I may be skeptical of the pharma industry's tactics, we are ever-so-lucky to be diabetics in the age of the Biotech Boom. Each new drug and treatment brings us closer to the end goal of a CURE...

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