Happy Saturday, everyone! Welcome back to another edition of our weekly advice column Ask D'Mine, hosted by veteran type 1, diabetes author and educator Wil Dubois.

Of course, our online D-community's still having fun with Diabetes Blog Week, so Wil's Rectangle Cameramixing it up this time with a new take on his column in keeping with today's D-Blog Week prompt: diabetes snapshots.

It's a "photo novella" of diabetes advice, if you will, since pictures are supposed to tell 1,000 words. Enjoy!


Glenda, type 2 from Missouri, writes: I often see you write that it doesn't hurt to do a finger poke, but I find it very painful. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Can you help out?

Wil@Ask D'Mine answers: Yes, yes I can. Some pictures come to mind that I think might be helpful.


Don't wait until your lancing needle looks like this:

Bent Lancet


 Change it each time with a fresh one:


Oh, and that clear top?

HammerTime Lancing DeviceClear Cap Lancing Device




 Use only the solid cap.

Star Lancing Device


Those numbers are the depth gauges...

Lancing Level 1 Baby Face






Lancing Level 8Lumberjack



So, are you a baby or a Canadian Lumberjack, or somewhere in between?


Remember, this is how you should NOT hold a lancing device to your finger:









Oh, and please don't try it this way!


 Knife StabbingWe don't need a Psycho lancer on our hands!

If you don't bleed right away, "milking your finger" isn't the best way to get more blood...

The "cow-milking effect" can not only mess with your blood sample, but it also makes your fingers more susceptible to pain.

So that's the answer to your question, Glenda.

I hope my photo-fun version helps you on the finger-poking front. There may not be a 100% "right" way to do it, but there are definitely some fingerstick No-Nos to keep in mind. And remember: make sure you celebrate all your finger-sticking or other diabetes victories, big or small, whenever you can!



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