Amazingly, today marks the end of another year! We just posted our reflections on the outgoing year in our 2013 Diabetes Year In Review, and now we get ready to step intDOC Roundup Logo for Dec 2013o a brand new year...

Before 2014 kicks off, though, we want to take a look at some of the great posts from this past month across the Diabetes Online Community. As always, there are so many -- and we've done our best to highlight a handful that caught our eye in December. Here they are, in no particular order:


Holiday gifts are always nice, especially when they come from the FDA in the form of a move to help bring more attention to the issue of accuracy of glucose meters and test strips. Thanks to Christel Aprigliano for writing about this at The Perfect D, and of course to the FDA for the recent present!

An oldie but goodie from Karen Graffeo at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes: she re-posted a Holiday Poem with a diabetes twist.

Shara Bialo took a D-spin on a holiday post at The Diabetic Doc about her experiences in the pediatric ward of the hospital during December, leading up to the holidays.

Low Blood Sugar Trap

Going low isn't something any of us want any time, but it's even worse when that low blood sugar hits at an inopportune moment -- like what happened to our friend George Simmons recently. Luckily, our friendly Ninjabetic was able to treat it and later turn that experience into a moment of advocacy and awareness. Way to turn the tables on diabetes, Big G!

As Scott Strange notes at Strangely Diabetic, there was some vocal advocacy happening at our recent DiabetesMine Innovation Summit event. If you believe what some insurance experts were saying, you might think all patient concerns are absurd. Well, Scott has some thoughts on that...

Love this post by D-Mom Meri Schuchmacher over at Our Diabetic Life, who writes about the "germination" of diabetes her house is going through now that her oldest, non-D son has left and there are more D-hands than not. But in true Meri style, she vows D won't dominate their lives!

Kim Vlasnik has started her search for a new insulin pump, and in this Texting My Pancreas post we like how she conducts a comparative review of what works and doesn't work in her world.

The first line of this dLife blog post by D-Dad Carey Potash is an instant eye-catcher: "Gone are the days of repelling Mission Impossible-like from the hospital ceiling to retrieve Charlie's medical files before the CDE entered our exam room." OK, if that doesn't get you reading, we're not at all sure what will... :)

Acronyms abound in our diabetes world -- and D-Mom Penny at A Sweet Grace has a new one: WTH BGS. Click on over to her blog to read what that's all about!

snowglobe snowman

Finding new blogs we haven't read before is always fun, and we were happy to discover the Type One Trio written by 17-year-old Caleb who in early 2013 was the third child in his family to be diagnosed with type 1. A few posts from December caught our attention, especially this great D-analogy: "Snowstorms in my Snow Globe."

Kerri Sparling at Six Until Me noted this month that she's felt like Slackertown Jones recently, something that isn't fun to talk about... but writing it out helps you feel more accountable. This really hits home, as Mike says this is EXACTLY how he's been feeling for awhile. Here's to everyone in the DOC, like Kerri and Mike, who are doing what they can.

To Share, or Not to Share? We all have to ask that question when deciding what to expose online about our lives, and this post by Brian over at Not My Cell gets one really thinking.

Briley Boisvert, who blogs at InDependence, says it straight up: Sometimes, you're just having "too awesome" a time to truly fuss over diabetes. Even the stress of higher blood sugar numbers doesn't hold a candle to the precious moments in life we just want to be living. Couldn't. Agree. More.

Our friends at diaTribe do great work in their monthly newsletter, and Kerri's column this month is a "must-read" on important topic about talking complications.

Short and sweet is the bottom line for this post by Sara Nicastro at Moments of Wonderful, in which she tackles a few key questions we PWDs must ask when considering our diabetes supplies and insurance coverage.


Thanks to all for these great posts, and for all the wonderful writing throughout 2013! Naturally, we can't wait to see what the DOC has in store for this next year. And with that, we wish you the best as we end out this year and welcome 2014... 

And thanks to the very talented cartoonist Jerry King, who helps us visualize New Year's Eve from a PWD's POV:





Have a Safe New Year's Eve, DOC friends, and Happy New Year!

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