It's a busy summer season as always between the major diabetes conferences, Father's Day, June DOC Roundupsummer D-camps, and much more. So naturally, we have a bunch of great posts to highlight from the past month!

Here, in no particular order, are some of our recent favorites from the Diabetes Online Community (DOC) and beyond:


The biggest diabetes conference of the year is of course the American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions, which was held this year in Boston. A ton of research updates and tech news came out of that... but also this great look at the High Cost of Insulin by type 2 blogger Brian Cohen.

ADA Conference 2015 Boston


With Father's Day bringing out loads of dad stories, we had to pull out the tissue box to dry our eyes when reading this heart-touching post by Riva Greenberg at Diabetes Stories. This story about her dad is, well... pure emotion.


We absolutely loved this post at The Mighty, which shares a bunch of stories about living with chronic conditions, not just diabetes. There are several stories that do address the Big D, including one called The Side of Diabetes Most Diabetics Don't Talk About. Worth checking out this site, if you haven't yet!


We all know how the Nightscout Foundation is behind the DOC's push for improved data-sharing and CGM in the Cloud efforts, and at the heart of that are passionate D-parents like James Wedding, who shares his son's poem about "Counting" thanks to diabetes. 


Send some wishes and hugs to Kelly at Below Seven, as she's dealing with some scary news about retinopathy that just hit her unexpectedly.


That deep fear of hypos... ah, yes. Can't you just feel your own head nodding? Karen Graffeo at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes knows the feeling all too well lately, so we're sending her some higher BG vibes.


Fellow blogger Kate Cornell at Sweet Success has just marked her 10-year diabetes anniversary this month... but she reminds us that it's just a number, right?


We know the latest Jurassic Park movie just came out this month... but did you know that there exists a Grumpysaurus Dex in our Diabetes World? Click the link, Friends, for this fun look at diabetes technology from Ally (Saurus) over at Very Light No Sugar. Great stuff!

GrumpysaurusDexImage: Very Light. No Sugar


What to do when your diabetes "goes all Katy Perry"? Yep, it can happen! our friend and fellow D-blogger Kelly Kunik writes over at diabetesaliciousness this month.


Ever feel Lost at Sea when it comes to diabetes? D-Dad K. Thor Jensen has an amazing post over at Beyond Type 1, using the sailing / sea metaphor to portray how he feels. A great read.


Help Wanted: A Diabetes Nanny? Yep, Christel at The Perfect D blog riffs on the need to find someone to help handle all the daily D-necessities. And yes, we're kind of wanting that ourselves over here. So, if you happen to know of anyone qualified on this front, let us all know, will ya? ;)


Frank over at Type 1 Writes hits the nail on the head with the title of his recent post: "Access to Supplies Isn't a Question, It's a Right." We couldn't agree more. and we hope more policy-makers side start seeing it that same way real soon.


D-peep Ashleigh at Dreams of Lewis just got married last month, and this month she wrote this great post: "I, Ashleigh, Take You, Diabetes" that captures some of her special moments and how diabetes was a part of the big day. Congrats to you and your partner, Ashleigh!


We loved this Guilty Confession story at the T1 Family blog about Jessica, who decided to go to diabetes camp for the first time... and her D-Mom was "scared shitless" about the whole thing. But a certain Dr. Jen there made the experience palatable so that this family was able to get their "first real break in over 5 years." Marvelous to hear, and bravo to you, Dr. Jen!


When did you actually get used to living with diabetes? That's a question Molly asks in this post "Get Used To It" over at her blog, And Then You're At Jax. Although it may not be exactly what you think...


We can't help but love the blog title, The Human Pincushion Experience, all on its own. But type 1 peep Craig Le Fevre's post called "You Won't Know" is all kinds of real, with middle-of-the-night low blood sugars, candy to treat, waiting for the rebound, and then the High that happens later on despite efforts to avoid it... all tied together with musical lyrics pointing out that no matter how much you did right, that effort is lost on the so-called glu-coaster. Been there, done that, more than once.


Finally, this isn't diabetes-specific, but depression and mental health issues are something we're all more prone to experience, thanks to our pancreatically-challenged lives. So this post by Heather Parrie about the new semi-colon tattoo she got "as a promise to myself that I would never willingly end my sentence" is a must-read.


What did you think of these posts? And did any others catch your eye? We're always seeking recommendations for next month's roundup, so email us, please.

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