Welcome to our monthly roundup of outstanding blog posts from across the Diabetes Online Community (DOC).DOC Roundup January

Since it is now 2017, we thought we'd share our first month faves as seen during January -- in no particular order.

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DOC Roundup BulletSad news came with the death of legendary T1D advocate and longtime PWD Mary Tyler Moore. Also this month we lost DOC friend Rose Shonberger, a WWII survivor who had been very active at TuDiabetes in recent years; Rick Phillips shares a tribute to that D-peep over on his RA Diabetes blog.


DOC Roundup BulletAnyone who's been online at all in the past month knows there is a lot of tension around the new U.S. administration... but we got a kick out of our Australian friend Renza's poke at the strange #AlternativeFacts phenom. She spins that into her own diabetes-version of reality. Well-played, Renza!


DOC Roundup BulletThen there's also the policy debate about healthcare reform, and a must-read is Kerri Sparling's Six Until Me poem I'm Not aimed at that issue and calling for advocacy.


DOC Roundup BulletIt's always entertaining to read The Grumpy Pumper, and we couldn't help but chuckle at his writing style and sense of humor relating to the evolving relationship he has with his feet -- as detailed in Finding My Feet. Good stuff, as always, Grumps!


DOC Roundup BulletD-Mom Lorraine Sisto over at This Is Caleb has a call out to the DOC for help in prepping for her son Caleb's trip abroad, all by himself with T1D on board... any advice for her in planning ahead?


DOC Roundup BulletReady for some deep thoughts that get your brain working? Try on this one called The Things They Don't Want To See, written by Heather Gabel over at The Chronic Scholar, about disability and culture.


DOC Roundup BulletHere's to a happy 11th blog-aversary for our friend George "Ninjabetic" Simmons, who reflects on how things change when it comes to the DOC and diabetes blogging, not to mention life itself. He survived a heart attack and triple bypass surgery this past summer, and is doing great now. Something to celebrate!


DOC Roundup BulletHello, too, to our old pal Stacey Divone who took some time to catch us up with a new post over at The Girl With The Portable Pancreas. She's been recovering from surgery for tennis elbow, which definitely presented some BG management challenges. Great to hear your blogging voice again, Stacey!


DOC Roundup BulletOver in the UK, we were intrigued by the "Egg Theory" posited by Beta-Betic in the never-ending challenge of living a normal life with diabetes on board. Go ahead, take a peek, and see if you have what it takes to carry those eggs around...


DOC Roundup BulletSometimes when you're pancreatically-challenged, you can't help but 'Feel Got' when it comes to diabetes... that's what D-Mom Reyna shares over at Beta Buddies, when tearing up over a recent email she received from one of her son's teachers.


DOC Roundup BulletWe enjoyed reading the story of Elka Karl in California, who has a guest post over at A Sweet Life sharing her "Way Too Sweet Sixteen" story about life with T1D. Thanks for being a part of the DOC blogosphere, Elka!


DOC Roundup BulletSometimes, we all need a "day off" from diabetes, even if we can't exactly make our pancreas start producing insulin during that so-called vacation. Karen Graffeo shares her recent experience mixing it up a bit, at Bitter-Sweet Diabetes.


DOC Roundup BulletOn that note, our minds move to mental health... a hugely important issue when it comes to living with diabetes, and we're glad to see some DOC blogging friends take the first step of Starting the Conversation. Be sure to check out what Frank at Type 1 Writes and Bec over at Sweet and Sour have to say on that. Props to you both for sharing your stories!


DOC Roundup BulletYou can never go wrong reading D-Mom Meri over at Our Diabetic Life, and her post I'll Take It, All Of It is certainly no exception. While it starts off evoking tears, it ends up proving exactly why parents of kiddos with diabetes are 100% heroes in our book.


DOC Roundup BulletSpeaking of awesome parents in our community, we recommend reading what D-Mom Mary Ortiz has to say about making Judgement Calls when it comes to diabetes.



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