Happy Summer, All! Here we are at the end of June already -- always a big month in the Diabetes World owing to the American Diabetes Association's huge annual conference that produces lots of product and research news. And of course there's the current Healthcare Bill on the table, that has many up in arms. 

But our fellow bloggers were also writing prolifically about their personal diabetes trials and tribulations too, as always.

Please enjoy our picks for the month of June 2017, in no particular order:


Image result for DOC roundup, diabetesmineAs mentioned, the big ADA conference always captures lots of attention during June, and this year was no exception. Aside from all the science and tech news, there was quite some controversy over the org's social media policy trying to ban photos. We couldn't help but smile at this "Welcome to the Internet" post by Renza over in Australia, who we were happy to see on-site at the ADA event San Diego; she's calling the ADA out on its outdated approach to SoMe at this year's event.


Image result for DOC roundup, diabetesmineWe know navigating diabetes while you're at work can be dicey, so we enjoyed reading Stephen Shaul's post at Happy Medium about how he's been doing that lately in a new role -- both in his workplace, and within the D-Community.


Image result for DOC roundup, diabetesmineAnd sharing with loved ones at the start of a relationship isn't easy, either... that's what longtime T1 Christopher Payne recently faced when deciding to tell his new girlfriend about his health issues. Take a look at his "Power of the Reveal" over at Diabetes Daily Grind.


Image result for DOC roundup, diabetesmineEveryone's got healthcare on their minds these days (hey, for us PWDs that's all the time, no?!) with the Congressional (in)action... and this great perspective from Ally over at Very Light No Sugar is worth a read. How can you resist the headline, "My Dog Skip Probably Has Better Healthcare Than You." (Hint: there's no dog involved.)


Image result for DOC roundup, diabetesmineSpeaking of healthcare, pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Joyce Lee in Michigan wrote an incredibly brilliant two-part post about "Unpleasant Design" -- essentially, designing to fail. A must-read as we all navigate the current state of affairs in healthcare, and so many aspects of life with diabetes...


Image result for DOC roundup, diabetesmineWith healthcare becoming such a political football these days, many have taken to Twitter and other social media channels to advocate, using the hashtag #HealthcareMatters as a way to connect the dots. Check out this Storify recap by  D-peep Molly Schreiber for some of the highlights.


Image result for DOC roundup, diabetesmineOK, seriously... if you're hungry for incredible writing talent and vivid imagery through words, look no further than Sarah's post at Coffee and Insulin called The Ocean of the Unsaid, in which she shares some deep thoughts on what went into creating her diabetes blog. Great stuff!


Image result for DOC roundup, diabetesmineKerri Sparling at SixUntilMe wrote a brilliant post about how we all need to look to the edges when we're sharing stories of people with diabetes, reaching those who aren't living in the "comfortable" mainstream but who are struggling whose POVs are not often heard. We love how she issues an open invite for all to share their stories, and we'd certainly echo that from our side here at the 'Mine.


Image result for DOC roundup, diabetesmineWe weren't able to attend the TCOYD One weekend retreat near the end of the month, but longtime LADA-diagnosed T1D peep Melitta Rorty has a great recap on her experience out in San Diego, CA. Check out what she took away from this first event of its kind over at her Adult Onset Type 1 Diabetes blog.


Image result for DOC roundup, diabetesmineRemember that story early in the year about the little T1D girl who has an intense insulin allergy? Well, D-Mom Moira McCarthy has a gripping update at A Sweet Life on what may be the cause of all that, and the tough choice the family's had to make on how to deal with that issue through a pancreas transplant. Very much worth the read, and we're sending hugs to this South Carolina family!


Image result for DOC roundup, diabetesmineWe're also sending our very best diaversary wishes to Michigan D-peep Reva at TypeONEderful, who marked her 17th year with type 1 this past month and reflects on all she's waiting for in D, the wonders of pre-bolusing, and how she even got a henna tattoo on her arm recently.


Image result for DOC roundup, diabetesmineIn Ireland, T1D PWD Grainne Flynn keeps on her Blood Sugar Trampoline blog by sharing some recent travel adventures that, of course, brought some diabetes challenges going through security. And if you're wondering whether her CGM beeped or how the insulin temps fared, be sure to check out that post, with some handy traveling with D tips! See also: her post on the DxAmsterdam diabetes meet-up that she was travelling to. Sounds like quite the life-altering experience!


Image result for DOC roundup, diabetesmineEvery summer, D-Dad Tom Karlya honors some incredible diabetes advocates and people from around our community, in honor of a close friend he lost many years ago. We very much enjoyed this year's "Lisa Award Recipients" and echo his praise for everything these D-folks do.


Image result for DOC roundup, diabetesmine21 Things NOT To Say To A Diabetic. What a fun post by type 1 PWD Kimberly in Scotland, who writes a family lifestyle blog, Odd Hogg.




We love sharing our faves, but want to hear from you as well. Please send any July blog post picks of yours to us via email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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