Congratulations again to the innovative little Salem, NH-based company doing some killer work in glucose monitoring. Not only did AgaMatrix score the job when Sanofi-Aventis decided to go into glucose meter business recently, but now they've accomplished a breakthrough close to my own heart:

The WaveSense Jazz meter will be the first medical device ever to connect directly with the Apple iOS platform. A new download cable, which AgaMatrix was demonstrating at the ADA Conference expo, will plug their Jazz meter directly into the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, so that users will soon be able to automatically download their glucose data into the company's popular iPhone logging app. The download cable is pending FDA 510K review.

The WaveSense Diabetes Manager is one of the most popular iPhone diabetes apps in existence, the company tells me, with a current user base of about 50,000. Visually and in terms of functionality, it beats the competition hands down, if you ask me.

Its big, clear interface has been upgraded with this launch as well, to provide even more functionality: super-easy tabs for tagging your readings and making notes on them, graphical views in which important results are brightly highlighted, and the ability to tap any data point on a graph to immediately see details, notes and tags on that individual result. You can also easily email charts of your results to your doctor or family members in basic CSV file format. BG results are color-coded so that the highs and lows pop right out at you, so to speak.

My one big gripe to date (and WaveSense customers' especially) was the need for manual data entry. Now at least those who use the WaveSense Jazz meter can plug right into the iPhone, so no more need to type every BG reading into the phone with weary D-fingers. The cable is slated to be available for sale from AgaMatrix's website following FDA approval at  "Apple standard pricing" of about $25 to $30, according to Joe Flaherty, Strategic Marketing Manager at AgaMatrix, Inc.

"We've been working with Apple for the last two years to make this happen. We're very excited," Flaherty says.

Yeah, me too. Even though I'm not a Jazz user myself. Because with this and Debiotech's new design for controlling their insulin patch pump from the Android interface, it looks like my dreams of consumer-medical device integration are beginning to really come true!

NOTE: AgaMatrix is developing other new features as well and would love community feedback at

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