The girls have been out of summer camp and freewheeling, awaiting the start of school for 2 weeks now. Mom's list of entertainments and distractions is severly waning... Seemed like a good time for a little diabetes-inspired Enlightenment:

Glucose testing --

How I procastinate.

What? I'm not eating yet.

Counting the carbs

News nuggets from around the diabetes community

NEWSFLASH: FDA Clears Dexcom Share Direct
Dexcom gets regulatory approval of its 'on-the-go' mobile apps for CGM data-sharing.
Snail Uses Insulin to Poison Fish
New study shows these slow-moving creatures use toxic form of insulin to capture prey.
A New Square Patch Insulin Pump
TouchéMedical's new Bluetooth-enabled patch pump is supposedly the world's smallest and cheapest.

closing banner

of a large bowl of cereal.

Too much, too much.

On a summer's day,

I inject.

Will there be a bruise?

Round, sweet tablets,

in my mouth

Not the dessert I dreamed of.


And a special nod to my favorite "Excuse Haiku" from Will Femia of What I Clicked:

My blog calls to me.

How can I avoid working?

Let me count the ways.

Ah, yes. That, too.

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