In Germany, people wish each other a "Guten Rutsch" (or a "good slide") into the new year. Here's a little visual that might help with that expression ;)

Today, from the bottom of my diabetic heart — and my family's — wishing you all a great slide into 2010.



News nuggets from around the diabetes community

NEWSFLASH: FDA Clears Dexcom Share Direct
Dexcom gets regulatory approval of its 'on-the-go' mobile apps for CGM data-sharing.
Snail Uses Insulin to Poison Fish
New study shows these slow-moving creatures use toxic form of insulin to capture prey.
A New Square Patch Insulin Pump
Israeli company developing new reusable square insulin pump that has Bluetooth for smartphone communication.

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I did not get around to compiling a year-in-review post for the field of diabetes as I had hoped (other than my annual roundup of what happened here). I'm a little too swamped with family responsibilities, and frankly, a little burnt out. But here are a few end-of-year roundup posts that I recommend:

* 2009 - The Year in Review for Health IT

* Health 2009: Year in Review

* A Revolution is Born: An Interview with ePatient Dave - not a roundup per se, but an interview that gives you a great sense of how patients' use of the Web to connect is changing the world, year by year.

I hope to return to my usual strenuous blogging schedule with verve in early 2010.

Enjoy your time off, Dear Friends and Readers, and I will "see you on the other side": bright and early on Monday, Jan. 4.

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