Here's an idea: how about some sort of universal code word we could all utter when we feel ourselves slipping into a dangerous blood sugar low (hypoglycemia)?

This idea was floated by some anonymous member of the audience in a question to keynote speaker Doug Burns at last week's Santa Clara, CA, TCOYD conference. Doug is, of course, the reigning Mr. Natural Universe living with Type 1 diabetes since he was 7, and in the news of late for a nasty bout of hypoglycemia in a local movie theater. The community here at even pitched in to help keep him out of court, after the authorities insisted on pressing charges. Doug had plenty of evidence to show that he was simply "out of it" due to insulin shock when the policeman starting beating him with clubs. I only had about two seconds to say hello to him at the TCOYD event, and was a little taken aback to see that he could barely turn his head to the right to acknowledge me. Ouch.

In the meantime, as the question about the possible "code word" was read out loud, Doug looked thoughtful. That could be a useful idea, he noted. Then he broke into a big grin. "How about code word 'Doug'?" he quipped. "Like, 'Oh, I'm feeling funny. 'I think I'm having a Doug.'" That brought the house down.

Curse_word But really, what about it? Wouldn't that be a simple way to alert the authorities to what's happening... BEFORE they start clubbing us? We just start shouting some universally-recognized code word, that hopefully every police and emergency worker south of Greenland is trained to know and act upon.

I'm thinking of something like "DEXTROSE!! I'm having a DEXTROSE!" with the hopes of reminding them of the one simple substance we actually need in the event of a low.

Otherwise, perhaps "DOLAJO!" -- which appears to be the word for "candy" in the international language of Esperanto.Dbmine_tshirt_2

Suggestions welcome... In fact, I'm prepared to offer a free T-shirt for the three best suggestions. Then I'm going to send them (the suggested code-words) to the ADA Legal Advocacy Fund and the Redwood City Police Force for feedback. Really. I am.

Oooh, how about "AGENT 99" or something similar to help the authorities 'get smart'? Let 'em rip, Friends...

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