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The Devil Inside: Living with MS

Nicole Lemelle is a writer and activist who lives with MS. In this personal essay Nicole talks about staying positive while dealing with MS.

Black Pepper: The King of Spices

Black pepper was once called "black gold" and was the first item traded between Europe and India. Its oil can lower smoking cravings and fight antioxidants.

Video – Epilepsy: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Learn about causes of epilepsy, emergency procedures, and how medication can help control symptoms

Willow Bark: Nature’s Aspirin

Mother Nature's rival to aspirin is the salicin in Willow bark. Your body turns it into salicylic acid and it can relieve your back pain and headaches.

Vitamin Watch: What Does B2 Do?

B2 and the other B vitamins build red blood cells and support other cellular functions that give you energy. It is found in meat, dairy, and some candy.

8 Questions About Modified Citrus Pectin

Pectin might have many health benefits, but it needs to be modified so that our bodies can absorb it. Jams and preserves use natural pectin as a setting agent.