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The Power of Pink: The CEO of Komen on The Importance of Awareness

We asked the CEO of the Susan G. Komen Foundation to comment on the importance of pink ribbon campaigns. Here is her response.

Arrowroot Cookies for Teething Babies

Arrowroot cookies are nearly allergen-free, and make great teething biscuits for babies.

Video: Understanding and Treating Asthma

Learn the causes and common types of asthma as well as how rescue inhalers and control medications can keep symptoms in check.

Kim Cattrall Doesn't Like Menopause Either

Cattrall talks about menopause awareness, and what she's learned, lost, and even gained through this new stage in her life.

Healthy Cooking: Safflower Oil

If you want to eat healthy but occasionally wish to indulge in fried food, you should try safflower oil.

What Yeast Is Good for the Gut?

Unlike most probiotics, this one's actually a form of yeast. It helps to regulate the intestines and protect them from pathogens.