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29 Things Only a Person with ADHD Would Understand

ADHD gives the gift of so much awkwardness every day. Learn to laugh along with your condition with these 29 things only someone with ADHD would understand.

Trials for New Cancer Treatments Reach Only a Fraction of Patients

Clinical trials, which give perilously ill patients a chance to live, often go unfilled in a disconnect that hurts patients and researchers alike.

Is it Bad to Sleep on Your Stomach?

Sleeping on your stomach can reduce snoring and diminish sleep apnea, but it is also taxing for your back and neck. That can lead to poor sleep and discomfort.

3 Essential Quad Stretches

Use these three quad stretches before and after your run help you maintain and gain flexibility. When muscles aren't warmed up they don't work as well.

Health Insurance Exchanges 101

Learn how federal and state marketplaces work, how to shop for plans, and what levels of insurance you can choose from.

Exploring HIV Transmission Rates

The rates and risks for acquiring HIV vary by the type of exposure. Understanding how the disease is transmitted can help you better protect yourself.