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Life with Breast Cancer: A Story of Survival

Alisa Brozinksy was 34 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, a 15-year breast cancer survivor, she tells her story.

Arrowroot Cookies for Teething Babies

Arrowroot cookies are nearly allergen-free, and make great teething biscuits for babies.

Video: Understanding and Treating Asthma

Learn the causes and common types of asthma as well as how rescue inhalers and control medications can keep symptoms in check.

Kudzu: The Ultimate Hangover Cure?

This plant covers thousands of acres along the eastern coast and the southern United States, and is growing in popularity as a potential hangover cure.

Can Ignatia Help My Anxiety?

Ignatia has been used to treat fever, insomnia, and headaches. One study on animals showed that it can modify emotional responses.

How Dangerous Is Betel Nut?

Many people chew betel nut for the energy boost it produces, but some research suggests serious health risks.