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Effects of Breast Cancer Radiation on the Body

Radiation therapy uses high-powered X-rays to kill cancer cells in the breast. While it's directed at the tumor, radiation affects multiple areas of the body.

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9 Untested Chemicals You Use Every Day

Did you know that many chemicals that you use everyday have made it into your home without any review whatsoever?

Bacterial Meningitis and Vaccinations

Meningitis is a rare but serious condition that results from a bacterial infection. It causes swelling and inflammation in the tissues surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

7 Creepy But (Mostly) Harmless Food and Drug Reactions

From groceries to prescription drugs, the things you consume can sometimes have bizarre, even terrifying side effects.

The Best Nausea Remedies for Morning Sickness

Many women experience nausea during the first trimester of pregnancy. Learn simple nausea remedies for morning sickness, and some things to avoid.